Animal Rescue and The Model Resort Project

Together we can make a difference by supporting  holiday resorts that promote animal friendly tourism

Imagine it’s a gorgeous day on your much anticipated holiday.  The clear skies, balmy heat and white sandy beaches lay in front of you and your family are enjoying setting up their parasols and ordering a drink from the bar. Then out of the trees a dog appears, skin and bone, it’s obviously a stray with mangy tufts of thinning hair, and a sad look in its eyes. Your children look at you and ask if they can help the poor dog but you are on holiday in a foreign country and don’t know what to do.

You give the dog a drink of water and a few left over bits of biscuit you find at the bottom of your bag and reluctantly leave the dog to go foraging for other scraps and an ounce of compassion from other passing tourists. You go back to the hotel and the sight of the starving dog haunts you for the rest of your trip, and you wonder how can I help him and all the other dogs out there like him?

This story is all too common; these tourists represent a substantial number of socially conscious consumers that are aware of the large animal welfare issue that is present in the world. So, how can you help? You can source your next travel deal through Travel Chest, the only travel website dedicated to saving dogs’ lives.

Our first stop is Greece where we’ve teamed up with many charities and dog shelters who are dedicated to re-homing neglected dogs. Our aim is to be the only travel deal operator whose soul purpose is animal rescue and saving dogs lives. Travel chest is the number one hub for holidaymakers who care about: Children, Animals and Respect for the Environment.

AITO tour operators have made pledges to help environment and  animal welfare projects in the areas in which they operate and help their resorts achieve model status. ABTA also has an active animal welfare committee and launched Green Holidays to encourage all holidaymakers to get involved with clearing up the world’s beaches and wage war on plastic.

The Starlight Barking team will be barking about all these dog rescue initiatives on the Travel Chest blog and show you what a difference your support can make.

The Starlight Barking Trust is an animal rescue dog charity that has a strong support network helping struggling shelters in both the UK and Greece. But there is still so much more that we want to do. With your support we could see the random poisonings, dog meat trade and puppy farming relegated to the history books and struggling shelters rejuvenated. To achieve this dream, we’ve created a unique website dedicated to travel and animal welfare and we’d love your help.

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Thank you for supporting the Starlight Barking Trust and helping to save dogs lives.