Animal Friendly Tourism

Together we can make a difference by supporting  tour operators who promote animal friendly tourism

Every dog lover knows this story well. It’s a gorgeous blue sky day on your much anticipated holiday.  The white sandy beaches lay in front of you and then out of the trees a dog appears. It’s skin and bone, with mangy tufts of thinning hair, and a sad look in its eyes. Your children look at you pleadingly, but you are in a foreign country and don’t know what to do.

You give the dog a drink of water and a few left over bits of biscuit you find in your bag and reluctantly leave the dog to go foraging for other scraps and an ounce of compassion from other passing tourists. Back at the hotel the starving dog haunts you for the rest of your trip, and you wonder how you can help him and all the thousands of other dogs out there like him?

The Starlight Barking Trust is a dog rescue charity with a support network helping struggling shelters all over the world. We want to see dumped puppies, random poisonings, the dog meat trade and puppy farming relegated to the history books and struggling shelters rejuvenated. To achieve this dream, we’ve created a unique website promoting animal friendly tourism.

When you book your next holiday check out the Travel Chest, the number one hub for holidaymakers who care about: Children, Animals and Respect for the Environment.

Our WAG ADVISOR team will be barking about all these initiatives on the Travel Chest blog and show you what a difference your support can make.