Starlight Barking

Travel Chest & Starlight Barking – Promoting Animal Friendly Tourism

Starlight Barking was founded by Snowbizz director, Wendy Lyotier, and Snowbizz’s first ever reservations manager, Fiona Baylis.

With their mutual love of animals and having many times brought the Snowbizz reservations team to a standstill when friends’ dogs, cats, horses or, even on one occasion, a pigeon needed their help, it was a partnership made in heaven when they became re-connected.

Reminiscing about their Snowbizz days, and remembering Wendy’s tales of dog rescue in Greece, whilst working for Sunmed in the 80s, they realised that little had changed in the last 30 years when it came to the support of animal welfare from travel and tourism businesses.

  • Animal welfare overseas is still mostly handled by just a few volunteers.
  • Resort reps and tourists want to help but don’t always know how to.
  • Barbaric, illegal random poisonings still affect everyone, even loved house dogs.

Alongside this they knew from experience that tour operators would always have a need to advertise their deals, promoting amazing last minute offers to fill empty seats!  And so Starlight Barking and Travel Chest were born! 

There are thousands of small animal shelters all over the world whose volunteers struggle on a daily basis for the dogs and cats in their care. Most of these shelters tend to be way out in the sticks as the popular misconception of governing municipalities is that their very existence damages tourism.

But we know the opposite is true. More and more holidaymakers tell us they would love to help but they don’t know how to.

The Starlight Barking Trust is the bridge that is linking up animal welfare charities, who care passionately about the sad existence of the shelter strays, with our animal loving tour operators and together, with your help, we have the power to make a massive difference.


Together we can make a difference!

The greatness of a nation will be judged by the way its animals are treated.