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Meet some of our latest dogs in search of their forever home

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    Starlight Barking

    Starlight Barking is the network for animal lovers, linking up the rescue stars who battle in extreme conditions to improve the lives of stray dogs and cats in their communities.

    Linking up with our travel and animal welfare partners, rescue shelters and holiday makers we aim to transform the lives of stray dogs and cats wherever they are.

    Want to help? Adopt a shelter and get involved!

    We are the network for animal lovers linking up the little stars of rescue.
    Together we can make a difference!


    Rescue Tails

    Rescue Stars – Koritsi and Amanda

    With every dog there is always a good story. With rescued dogs, even better stories. But every so often there is one in a million rescue story which will be turned into a film! Please meet Koritsi-Mou and Amanda a very special lady who gave up her glamorous career to found a small shelter in the North of Greece. In Amanda’s own words, this is the true story of a mother’s love and the incredible bond when a dog finds a human they trust. “Koritsi first appeared outside the shelter one day with a male shepherd dog, both were very obviously underfed and very timid so stayed at a distance….

    Starlight Barking Dogumentaries

    Behind every dog there is always a good story.
    And behind every rescue dog there is an even greater story.